Arkein Group of companies comprises of three business components:

  • Private Equity Fund Management & Investment Advisory (Arkein Capital Partners)
  • Venture Capital which is through (Arkein International)
  • Trading (Bulk raw mining commodities, mineral processing chemicals and Gas distribution. (Arkein Trading)

Arkein has formed and managed funds over ZAR2.5 billion and has been lead advisor in private equity transactions exceeding ZAR1.5 billion over the last 4 years which included ZAR450m from Nedbank Capital raise, ZAR521million for  Basil Read and ZAR120million Airlink acquisition of majority stakes. The venture capital platform is strategically poised to be the long-term wealth creation venture and the ZAR100million has been funded through internal sources and other private wealth clients looking for the high long-term returns. The trading arm is strategically built to support short-term group cash flow needs and creating an operating balance sheet.

We see the strategic fit in the three business arms as they provide balance for the long-term ambitions of Arkein.